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Datum: 27.01.2018 / Autor: 

Properly one of the best Evo X R4 in Europe. Professional build in 2012/2013 with only the best parts from Ralliart. CUSTOM CAGE rollcage, Ralliart front and rear diffs LSD, Big BREMBO Tarmac brakes with air cooling, Brake booster adapter, Ralliart Hydraulic handbrake, MOTEC Engine and Diff management, MOTEC Display with 3 different fuel settings, Red Top battery, DRENT doggearbox only 400 km SS from new ! RIEGER Tarmac suspension, Kevlar sumpguard, wheelarches and fuel tank protection. Full Carbon inside. XENON ekstra lights. Very fine car with a good history. The car had no rally in 2016 and 2017 ! 20 Speedline wheels with NEW and fine tyres. 150 L Racefuel. Many parts like : Cornell Turbo, Brake disc, Gearbox, water/inter coolers etc. etc. for good price. Open for trade. View more photos at www.svanholtmotorsport.dk

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